The shortest-form mobile video social network hooks viewers by predicting away the burden of entertainment overchoice and connecting the world to an endless scroll of unique storytellers

National security hot button. Gen Z darling. 800 million MAUs. A lightning rod for controversy. Perhaps misunderstood. Boardroom intrigue. I love TikTok. I rarely have time for long-form entertainment these days. I can learn something new, have a laugh, get a slice of feel-good, and connect with everyday people, 15 seconds at a time. It’s become a good joke on Tech Twitter that every app now has stories. But why? What’s driving this “…weird social obligation…” as Gizmodo recently asked? Does shortest-form (read: not Quibi) video have major entertainment platforms in its cross-hairs, or the internet as a whole? …

Dara Khan. Product-y product.

Chief Get-it-Done Officer. No, not like being the CEO of the product. That’d be too easy xD. Fan of all things tech and ultimate frisbee.

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